Pierre Fracalanza
Pierre Fracalanza, brings an abundance of musical talents from several sources. Pierre's first introduction to theater organ was at a pizza establishment called "Theater Organ Pizza and Pipes" in the early 1980's in Pontiac, Michigan. There he was one of the four rotating staff organists.

But trained at Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, Pierre actually began playing his first Wurlitzer (electronic) at the age of three and a half. Together with the piano, his youthful talents destined to seek music as a career.

After his stint at the Pizza Parlor, Pierre pursued a career as a piano/vocal entertainer in the Detroit area. As time progressed, Pierre migrated to church music (he had been playing in church since the age of eight) and continues in that vein today. Pierre is the Organist/Music Director of a 2700-family Parish in the Detroit suburb of Novi, Michigan.

Pierre is also recognized as a very accomplished pianist and has the distinct recognition of being a Steinway Artist.

Always interested in technology, Pierre had introduced the Yamaha Disklavier reproducing piano to the Detroit area in the late 1980's. And Pierre was also selected to demonstrate Yamaha's Disklavier 2000, a futuristic player piano created to celebrate the Millenium, in both Detroit and Chicago. His interest in MIDI led to the integration of video and special effects for his piano/vocal concerts. And that's where theater organ crept back into Pierre's life - when Pierre saw a virtual organ technology called Hauptwerk on the internet, he imagined playing duets with a virtual theater organ during his concerts.

But the love of that theater organ sound led Pierre to become more involved than he could have imagined. Before long, he was a beta tester and artist for Paramount Organ Works, producers of virtual theater organ sample sets. Pierre's innate love for the music of Buddy Cole led him on a journey to attempt recreation of the great arrangements created by Buddy in the early sixties on Buddy's own Wurlitzer/Morton studio organ. Before long, attention from YouTube videos of these Buddy recreations caught the attention of organ clubs across the country.

Subsequently, Pierre has resumed a long-forgotten career in theater organ and had the pleasure of re-introducing audiences to the splendor and genius of Buddy Cole.

Be prepared for an entertaining concert as you witness the innovation and musicianship of Pierre Fracalanza.

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